London 2012: the Olympics and co

The Olympics will take place in London from the 27th of July till the 12th of August. What are some of the stories behind this worldwide sport event? See below.


Tops and flops, first outcome of the Olympics
If it’s a bit early to give the final results, the first assessment can already be done. L’Echo, 8/8/2012

The other side of the medal (Eng)
If the Olympics feel good effect is reaching a big part of the population, some practices leave a bitter taste. If you want to know more about what happened to the people who lived on the site before it became the Olympic park, you will find some info in my article. L’Echo, 8/8/2012

The Olympics, a brand
The Olympic games are a brand, and the IOC is doing everything to make it respected, even if it kills the Olympic spirit. L’Echo, 4/8/2012

CIO diktats poison merchant life
Merchants are prohibited from using the Olympics logo, symbols and merchandising. Discontent is growing. L’Echo, 4/8/2012

La « Belgium House », showroom for the country during the games
For the first time, Belgium has a proper national house during the Olympics. To know more about the story which led to the Belgium house, follow this link L’Echo, 28/7/2012

Zoom on some of the national houses
A lot of countries have a national house. Just a few have opened it to the public. Amongst them Brazil, Holland and Greece. L’Echo, 28/7/2012.

The eyes of the world are on London
The eyes of the world will be on Great Britain for17 days. The country decked itself out in all its finery. L’Echo, 27/7/2012

London’s eyes are on you
The United Kingdom wants to showcase its capacity to ensure a secure games and so promote the country as a safe destination. However, those measures also show the way the Olympics change host cities’ security landscape. L’Echo, 27/7/2012

Tenants asked to leave by greedy landlords
In East London, some landlords are trying to rent their flats for a fortune during the Games, refusing to renew contracts with their tenants.  L’Echo, 18 May 2012

Cultural gold medal for the Olympics
Started in 2008, slowed down in 2009, revived in 2010, the Cultural Olympiad will soon reach its climax with London 2012 Festival. Music, fine art, dance and film events are on the menu for those more interested in culture. L’Echo, 27 April 2012

The economy of the Olympics
In 54 days, London will be alight with the Olympic spirit. Behind the sport event, the Olympics raise economic questions as well.

The 2012 Belgian House
A year before the Olympics, Belgium has found the space which will host its Olympic house. Only 10 minutes from St Pancras, the Inner Temple will welcome athletes, VIPs and sport fans. Renting cost: « less than 2 millions euros »

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